ac ftr webbasedui11

Accessible from any workstation.
Web browser based user interface.

Our easy-to-use access control interface is browser-based, which allows you to manage privileges from any workstation with an Internet connection. It’s also compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. So you never have to worry about not being connected.


Full personnel tracking during emergencies.
Area mustering.

ACM’s mustering functionality empowers first responders to act quickly in an emergency situation by providing visibility into the number of personnel moving in and out of designated emergency areas. Mustering uses information generated from the swiping of access cards to get real-time information on everyone’s location. You can customize different areas by size, color and shape and overlay on a map or non-map view for enhanced tracking and up-to-the-second insight on the status of personnel.

ac ftr rolebasedreporting4

For your eyes only.
Role-based Identity Management

Define user roles and what information they can access by department, location and credentials. This allows you to ensure administrators never see any more than they need to.

ac ftr inputdataonce8

Input data once and once only.
Peer-to-peer replication.

Avigilon Access Control Manager integrates with your existing identity management system or HR employee database, so you don’t have to enter the same data on multiple workstations. Your company’s identities, roles and policies are synchronized across all network appliances in real-time.

ac ftr integratedgraphicmapping4

Better information, faster response times.
Integrated graphic mapping.

With our enhanced graphic map support, you get real-time visual information for all of your alarms and doors in the context of your floor plan. This enables you to respond to trouble faster.

ac ftr emailnotifications2

Stay informed around the clock.
Email notifications.

With our email notifications you can receive custom alerts for any irregular activity at any time of day, ensuring you can react to any situation as quickly as possible. No matter what happens you’re always the first to know.